You Want the Best, Forget the Rest - Don't get it Wrong book Ed Strong.

Gospel Magic

A magician for a long time.
Born again Christian.

Was introduced to the F.C.M.E by a fellow Christian magician, a week spent at a F.C.M.E conference showed the way to share the Christian message.

The use of conjuring tricks is found to be a very effective means of gaining attention, and communicating the Christian Gospel, with a clear statement of faith.

The object is to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and illustrate Christian truth using sleight of hand, illusion, and other visual aids.

Gospel magic is for all ages.
Family services,
Sunday schools,
Assemblies, R.E. classes,
No charge is asked for 
(a donation to help offset
cost would be appreciated)
Why not ring Ed to discuss your requirements.

Phone: 01733 326886 


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